Lora Chon

CEO at Arol Behavioral Health Services LLC

Lora Chon

CEO at Arol Behavioral Health Services LLC

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My experience in the field of applied behavior analysis since the year 2010. Commencing my career as a Behavior Interventionist and Therapist, I have diligently progressed through the ranks, assuming the role of Supervisor and ultimately achieving the esteemed designation of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Over the years, I have amassed a wealth of experience working with individuals spanning a wide age spectrum, from as young as 2 years to as mature as 70 years. My professional journey has been marked by versatility, encompassing a diverse array of environments, including in-home, daycare, clinical, psychiatric hospital, group home, and educational settings. Additionally, my leadership acumen has been exemplified through my tenure as an Adult Daycare Act Director and my contribution as a Clinical Director, wherein I played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of a thriving organization.

My academic journey has been marked by a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with a focus on Psychology. This academic foundation has been complemented by the attainment of dual Master's degrees - one in Clinical Social Work and another in Teaching Education. When I am not working , I enjoy capturing photos, particularly capturing moments with my furry companion, Remy. I love my traveling adventure around the world, trying new restaurants, cherishing time with friends, and the occasional retail therapy session. These passions outside of work contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

I firmly uphold the belief that fostering a positive work environment is paramount for optimizing individual learning experiences. This is achieved through a collaborative approach, where the interventionist, parents/caregivers, and the BCBA work as a cohesive team. Our interventions are rooted in evidence-based methodologies such as NET (Naturalistic Environment Teaching), DTT (Discrete Trial Training), FCT (Functional Communication Training), and Pivotal Training. Central to our approach is teaching evidence based ABA principle to building age-appropriate skills, leveraging the individual's existing foundation as a cornerstone for growth and development.

The reason I hold a deep passion for what I do lies in the profound satisfaction of collaborative teamwork. Working cohesively with parents, RBTs, and colleagues to effect positive change in an individual's daily life is immensely rewarding. Witnessing the individual apply the skills they've learned independently in diverse settings, and observing their growth alongside their family, is a truly gratifying experience. The ultimate joy is to hear, even years later, about the remarkable progress that an individual we once supported has made. It reaffirms the significance of our work and the lasting impact we have on lives.

You can expect from me a dedicated role as an assistant, offering an additional perspective and support for both you and your child. My commitment is to impart evidence-based ABA strategies to parents and caregivers, aimed at help manage challenging behaviors and enhancing the parent-child relationship, where the parent takes on the role of the teacher. Furthermore, I strive to build upon the existing skills possessed by both the parent and child, with the intention of integrating these skills seamlessly into the family's daily life for sustained, positive impact.



Increasing communication skills both receptive and expressive, communication with AACD or picture exchange, social skills-conversation skills, functional play, interactive play, self-regulation/management-coping skills, tolerating what other want to do, waiting for preferred item/object, waiting for attention, self-help skills- washing hands, wash face, tie shoes, etc.

Decreasing challenging behavior such tantrum, protesting, elopement, self injurious behavior and stereotype. Dual diagnosis ADHD.

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1- 8 years old

Arol Behavioral Health Services LLC


Fostering a positive learning environment is paramount for optimizing the learning experience.


English, Korean


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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CPR, BA in Behavioral Science with emphasis in psychology, Master in Social Work, and Master in Arts of Teaching

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