Sky McCready

Applied Behavior Analyst at Mind2Mind Remediation, LLC.


Sky McCready

Applied Behavior Analyst at Mind2Mind Remediation, LLC.

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Cigna, Champ VA, Compsych, Florida Blue, Optum, United Healthcare

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Hello, I am Sky! To me, it's no accident that I cross paths with anyone. I have a diverse background, having worked in many different settings and environments, serving many different individuals. I could go into detail about the individuals I have served, but I will instead use this space to tell you what I believe sets me apart. I can relate to you, mostly because I have found myself in this particular position as a result of not having found what I am looking for. I have found myself here after exhausting my resources and pursuing many different avenues. My instincts tell me that is also true of you, the reader.

What distinguishes a dedicated provider from an active and trained provider is the sharing of common ground between the service provider and the service recipient. My communication with you will derive from a place of understanding and compassion, as the first step in any decision-making process is to first relate to what a consumer is going through. Rest assured, no matter what may pose as a dilemma, I can relate and empathize in some way. As a consumer of the services I offer, you will get a provider that prioritizes the outcome of the communication over any other benefit.



Painful thoughts, Agitation, Anger, Depressive Symptoms, Anxiety Symptoms, Stress Management, Developmental Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities

Frames of mind that have been historically considered mental disorders, Attention Deficit, Adolescent Behavioral Health, Mentorship and Training

Ages served

Any age beyond 2 years

Mind2Mind Remediation, LLC.

Applied Behavior Analyst

When a careful outsider enters your world, the communication with the outsider makes a difference.




Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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CPR, Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders (Pre-Speech Pathology), Extensive Study on Language, Relational Frame Theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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Sky provides life-changing care for autism